Enter Key Does Not Function in Import Tracks From Project Dialog Box

When importing tracks from another project you can select the tracks from the source project in tick boxes on the left and then choose a track from the target list on the right.

When choosing the target tracks you can use a mouse to select the track, or you can search with text.

When searching with text the track comes up, but when you press enter, NOTHING HAPPENS.

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 3.36.08 pm

So I can click ‘New Track’ and choose the target track with the mouse, but if I click ‘New Track’ … then use the text search and press enter … it doesn’t keep the track name. This is the behaviour expected as it’s the same as choosing plugins, presets etc.

Using latest Cubase 11.0.41, but it’s been happening for ages.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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