Enter material into ossia staff?

I’m pretty sure I’m about to ask one of those dumb questions, but…

I looked up ossia staves in the 2.0 version history, and I found everything there except how to actually enter material into an ossia staff. I tried double-clicking in the ossia staff to enter music, but the entry carat appears in the main staff, not the ossia staff.

Same with pasting; I selected the ossia signpost and pasted, but it appeared in the main staff.

I’m sure I must be overlooking something painfully obvious, but I can’t find it, so…help?


Oasis staves do indeed behave like normal staves, so something is amiss in your file.

Both note entry and pasting should work as you described.

Lew, please attach your project, or failing that send it to me by email. Let me know where in particular you’re trying to input notes, in case it’s not obvious because it’s a big project.