Enter note and then add accidental/articulation?

I am very close to buying Dorico, but one issue that may stop me is what has stopped me from embracing one of the alternative notation packages - having to choose accidentals and articulations before entering a note as opposed to entering the note and then adding the accidental/articulation.

Let me explain - if I need to enter a C#, then I think and refer to it as a “C sharp”, I don’t think of it as a “sharp C”, so when entering that note I want to enter a “C” then a sharp, not the other way around.

Looking through the online manual, it appears that you have to select the accidental first and then enter the note - could someone confirm that this is the case and there is no option to change the order please.



You cannot currently change the order of entry, so if you’re a died-in-the-wool Finale user who cannot change the habits of a lifetime (no criticism implied or should be inferred!) I’m afraid Dorico might not be your ideal environment right now. We’re not in a hurry to rush to accommodate the note input and editing features of every one of Dorico’s antecedents, however, and that goes for Sibelius as much as Finale, so I’m sorry to say that you might be waiting a while if this is the blocking issue for you to try Dorico. Sorry!