Enter Notes in Cubase AI Scores Using Musical MIDI keyboard


Is there a straightforward way to to enter musical notes into Cubase using Scores (it’s own musical staff), Steinberg’s UR44 and a MIDI keyboard? My MIDI keyboard has no built in sound module - so I’m using HALion Sonic SE. However, I’m not concerned with sound - just producing the MIDI equivalent of an already written (on paper) musical piece. I don’t want to perform (or record) the piece - but rather - manually enter notes one at a time using the musical MIDI keyboard - if that’s possible. I’m new to both the Steinberg UR44 and Cubase AI. So, I’m not sure if Cubase is more for recording rather than notating music (on a musical staff).

Any advice, feedback or tips much appreciated.




In all MIDI Editors, same as in the Score Editor, there is the Step Input. This is what you are looking for. First, you have to draw an empty MIDI event in the Project window. Then open any MIDI Editor or the Score Editor. Enable Step Input. The Blue cursor appears, which is the position, where the note will be inserted. Now you can play your keyboard. The Pitch, or the Pitch and the Velocity of your notes will be added one by one. The length of the note you can define by the Insert Note Length in the Score Editor, or by the Grid in other MIDI Editors.
Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 21.41.47.png

Thanks for that detailed explanation and screenshot. That made all the difference - got it working!