Enter/Return key in record window

This has bugged me for a while. Pressing the Return/Enter key from the record window stops recording. This can be a problem when dropping markers during recording; when entering text in the ‘Next marker name’ field it is human nature to press the Return/Enternter key when the text entry is complete. Wavelab 7 has a new feature in the options tab of the record window: ‘confirm when stopping recording’ however it is not functional when hitting the Return/Enter key. It does work on clicking stop.

My request is to either prevent the Return/Enter key from stopping the record, or to extend the ‘confirm when stopping recording’ checkbox functionality to the enter key.

I see. I note and will do something about it, certainly for 7.2.

I don’t know if it’s a preference or not, but with plug-ins, on some occasions, when you hit enter it jumps to the previous play ‘zone’…

My vote is to have Stop assigned to the ‘0’ on the numbers keypad.