Enter Tempo key command not working

I’ve read other users with this problem but I think on cubase pro 10. I have updated to pro 10.5 and now I can’t enter the tempo like I used to, with a key command (shift+T).
I have Cubase Pro 10.5 in my PC and Cubase Elements 10.5 in my laptop and in both the key command is broken, I have changed to another key combination and nothing happens.
After trying the key command, I can’t select any menu with the mouse until I switch to a different app and back again.

Is this broken?

Please help! Thanks!


This Key Command is working only when the Tempo Editor is open.

Thanks Martin, I hope they fix it because this is not the way it should work.
By the way, when I have the Tempo Editor open, the key command opens a window to enter the tempo but I have to click with the mouse to enter a value.
The way it should work is key command highlights the tempo value and we just have to enter the value, not a single mouse click (that’s what key commands are for).
Please cubase, fix this!!


Other thread to this topic is here .

Thanks again Martin!!
I see You have reported the issue already, I hope it gets fixed soon because is very useful for workflow speed.