enter the tempo issue

Cubase Pro 10.5

keyboard shortcuts issue:
enter the tempo–>

cubase freezes

Coul you try ?


I just tried, and experienced similar.

With Cubase 10.5.12 on Windows 7 (old installation, I can test on a Win10 machine as well), pressing Shift-T (which I think is the factory shortcut for enter tempo) locks up some aspects of the Cubase window manager, though Cubase itself still runs. Most of my keyboard shortcuts still work, and I can exit Cubase and save the project with Ctrl-Q. I can’t interact at all with any VST plugin windows or the window controls/handles on the main Cubase or project windows.

Restarting Cubase, I added another shortcut for enter tempo, and experienced the same issue pressing the new shortcut.

Update -

When I have both the transport panel and Project window Transport bar hidden/disabled, and press the enter tempo keyboard shortcut, Cubase presents the Transport pop-up window to enter tempo, and Cubase works normally afterwards.

This appears to only be an issue when the Transport Panel and/or Transport Bar are already displayed.

When either or both the Transport panel/bar are displayed, there are some instances where, after pressing the enter tempo shortcut, I can enter or increase/decrease tempo in the transport panel or bar, with Cubase operating correctly afterwards.

The Cubase manual says: “The Transport pop-up window allows you to access specific transport commands if the Transport Panel, Transport bar, and the transport controls in the Project window toolbar are closed or hidden”.

While that appears to be the case, when transport controls are displayed, “partial lockups” occur when pressing the enter tempo shortcut.