Entering a figured bass sharp sixth


as far as I have understood, s6, 6s, #6, 6# should all result in a raised sixth. But this is what I get for 6s or 6#:


If i type #6, I get the raised 6th alone as expected. s6 does not result at all.

Is all this by design, or should I look for some setting?

I think what’s happening is Dorico is interpreting “6s” as 6, plus a sharpened 3rd. If you enter “6s,” with the comma specifying that the preceding material is a “single entry”, you get #6 on a single line.

True, it seems like that, but it does sharpen both intervals. It would be more logical if it didn’t.
But is it correct then, that Dorico does not accept “s6” for a sharp 6th?

It appears not - unfortunately I couldn’t say whether that’s “correct”, but one of my colleagues might be able to.

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Thanks Lillie. I probably don’t mean correct, rather right? Language difficulties… Just to see if that is how Dorico normally behaves, to rule out a bug in my installation. Or something like that.

Ah! Found it. In note input options, there are settings for Interpretation of diminished intervals during figured bass input. If I set that to “Adjust from bass note”, I get the result I need – the 6s is interpreted as a sharp 6th, allowing the third to stay unaltered.