entering a rest during chord input?

Did not come up with anything in a search. I’m attempting to enter a left had piano part on the bass clef line of the piano system. I’ll attach a screen shot. Could someone please explain to me how I can get this done in Dorico?

Are you already using multiple voices? If not, see https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v3/en/dorico/topics/write_mode/write_mode_note_input/write_mode_voices_inputting_multiple_t.html?hl=voices

You’ll probably find that Dorico adds two quarter/crotchet rests to that bar. If you don’t want the first one, select it and then go Edit > Remove rests.

If you do a lot of multi voice piano music I recommend creating a key command for Remove rests.

Thank you both for a response. Pianoleo: I’m just inputting notes from misc existing sheet music for the express purpose of learning to input into Dorico; not working on anything original. I will explore the link you sent. Unfortunately, I am still unfamiliar enough with Dorico that I oft times have trouble coming up with appropriate key words to find what I am looking for. Kind regards.

One of the ways I started learning to work with Dorico was to import xml files of works I had created in other software. That got me past the entry steps to the later stages of formatting, etc. I offer that as a possible time-saving suggestion once you feel secure with note entry.

Thanks Derek