entering beats

hi all, i have a just bought Cubase 10 Pro its a rather silly question but how do/would i enter beats? .is it possible in C10? pro . thanks in advance.

Enter beats? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it would be possible in Cubase 10 Pro. Just need some more details (if I only had a dollar for every time I’ve said that :laughing: ).

well i would like to enter my put in my own drum programming i have literrally gigabtyes of breakbeats and drum samples , I like jungle breaks,that sort of music and drumming are a thing prerequisite in todays music i havea even i’ve even looked everywhere youtube (you name it) if you can help ,i’d be so very grateful thank you.
(if I only had a dollar for every time I’ve said that :laughing: ). back at yerhehe (hey i might be 51 but like to think i’m down with the kids.

I hope i make some sense i fluent giggerish you know :mrgreen:

Okay … if you are talking about using audio samples to create drum tracks I’m probably not the best person to give you many pointers. Plenty of other folks around here work more along those lines and can hopefully help you more than I could. I generally lean towards the MIDI side of things when it comes to drums/percussion. Either “live” input from a Roland V-Drum kit or MIDI files from Toontrack as a starting point.

I would suggest reading up on or searching for Youtube videos regarding MediaBay, Groove Agent SE, and Sampler Track as a starting point.