Entering "C-" for c minor chord?

Hi folks -

From my years using another product (which begins with S), I’m used to typing a “-” for a minor chord. Dorico doesn’t support this shortcut, as far as I can tell.

I know chords are customizable, but are entry methods? Is it possible to add “-” as an option for “minor”?

Sorry if this is in the documentation somewhere . . . I wasn’t able to find it.


I’m afraid this is not possible, at leas tfor now. You’ll have to try to train yourself to type “Cm”, though of course you can set up your Engraving Options such that you will end up seeing “C-”.

Just to put one thought to the matter:
I find it difficult to differentiate between what is put on the screen by Dorico and what I can enter into these inputs.
The combination of “Dorico shows them as C-” and “I can’t input it as C-” hurts my brain :wink:
When I see C- all over the screen, of couse my brain wants to put C- into the input box.

I think I will be able to adjust to entering “cm.”

Small price to pay for an excellent (and getting excellenter) product!