Entering figured bass under a rest

Is there a way of entering figured bass under a part consisting of rests? I’m analysing something, and for convenience I would want the figured bass to always be under the lowest instrumental line, even if there are no notes in it.

Yes: there’s a Property in the Panel to show figures on a rest.

Hi Ben, what do you mean by the Panel? Do you mean in Note Input Options or Engraving Options. I’ve looked in both but I can’t find it. Thanks

No, the properties panel at the bottom of the main score/part editing screen.

Do you mean the window I’m attaching a screenshot of? If so I’ve tried various combinations of things but I still can’t get it to do what I want!
Screenshot 2020-07-12 13.34.37.png

I’ve looked in another thread on this topic, and it seems that “Show figured bass” is the operative factor. So I have this selected, and I have tried entering a figured bass on a half-note rest, and nothing happens. I can enter one ok under a note, but not under a rest.

You might be experiencing a small bug, JanSteele. If you want to zip up and attach your project so that we can take a look, I can say for certain. We have been continuing to do a lot of work on figured bass since the release of Dorico 3.5 in May, and a forthcoming update will include a number of fixes and further improvements.

Ok Daniel, here it is. I was trying to put figures under the cello part from bar 2, beat 3.
Bach - test project.dorico.zip (407 KB)

The problem here, I think, is that Dorico has no notes on the cello staff to work from, so it’s not clear what pitches the figures you are entering will relate to. Try adding some notes to the cello part, even if they are only there temporarily, then add the figures on those notes.

If I do that then the figures get deleted if I then replace the notes with a rest. Obviously I can put the figures in an upper part, but when the cello enters they will all be under the lowest part, along with the roman numerals, and I’m trying to keep them all on the lowest stave for clarity, NB this is for analysis not for performance.

If the figures really aren’t relative to any particular notes, you may need to consider adding the figures manually using Shift+X text, or perhaps lyrics, and the Figurato font. Dorico’s figured bass features are really targeted at producing performing scores rather than analysis, and showing figures is dependent on having bass notes to work from.