Entering lyrics in more than one staff

What do people do if two or more staves have [almost] the same lyrics. Do we really have to repeat typing in every syllable in each of the staves?! Is there no way to copy or clone lyrics to another staff?

If the rhythm is the same, or nearly so, simply copy the notes and lyrics from one staff and paste into the others. Then use lock duration mode to change notes where appropriate and you’re good to go. I was doing a bit of this earlier today and it’s really quite a quick process.

You can select just the lyrics and copy/paste them, if you already entered the notes on all the staves.

(If you can’t select only the lyrics because they collide with something else in the score, that’s a different problem…)

I will add also that copy-paste works very well, and you can also alt-click a selection of lyrics to the first note of the second staff and the lyrics will copy themselves accordingly to music. I have done it a lot with a project with russian lyrics, and their “translation” in phonetic language, for a duet I am singing in february. You can select all lines at once and it is pretty solid already, I found.

Thank you, all. This was very helpful. Next step is to be able to enter multiple lyrics in one go.