Entering Lyrics: Minor Feature Request

I’d like to suggest two key commands to speed up inputting lyrics:

Shift+Alt+Enter: Begins a new lyric verse. Type this at the end of one verse to move position to the beginning of the Flow and start a new verse.

Shift+Alt+Apostrophe: Inputs a right-facing single curly, a very common character in English lyrics (ev - ’ry, ’Tis).

One helpful added behavior would also be if you enter lyrics and reach the end of the music and hit right arrow, it would loop back to the first notes with lyrics on a new line. This would be very useful when inputting hymns, for instance. Get to the end of verse 1, hit right arrow and pop right up in verse 2 ready to go. Would be a nice compliment to the key commands you suggest.

Yes. That would basically do the same thing and would be simpler too - assuming that the right arrow key has not already been tasked for something else.