Entering lyrics

AFAICS, entering lyrics in Dorico is done by typing them in syllable-by-syllable. Are there plans in the near future to introduce a way to enter a syllabified text string or even an entire lyric and have Dorico spread them over the available notes? Or am I missing a function which is already available?

Daniel has hinted in other threads that copy/paste is a future goal. I miss that feature too!

Ah, thanks. I’d missed those threads (but not for want of looking!).

I’ve been very impressed with the way Dorico justifies lyrics, particularly on long reciting notes. It’s slightly annoying that the key-combination for non-breaking space is shift+option+space. What would be great when copy/paste of lyrics is implemented would be for Dorico to recognise non-breaking spaces in the copied text (unlike a leading music notation program that’s been around quite a while).

I’ll be entering my lyrics in Finale until this is all possible. I need to be able to paste an entire syllabified lyric verse (including non-breaking spaces) and just correct for the occasional melisma.