Entering Notes An Octave Higher Or Lower


When using qwerty notes entry in ‘Windows’, is there a way to enter notes an octave higher or lower? I know we have the ‘Shift+Alt’ and ‘Ctrl+Alt’ but what if notes an additional octave higher or lower are needed?

Presently I use the menu transpose after entering the notes but have been wondering if there is a way when entering.


Do you mean ‘col 8’ (a note with its octave).
I have been using Q for chord mode, then press the note’s letter twice. The first note is the lower one so if necessary, put it in the correct octave (use octave key command) before entering it again.
I am not aware of a key combination to do this instantly but someone else will know.

Hello arco,

Thanks for your reply.

I meant separate notes. Using ‘Shift+Alt’ and ‘Ctrl+Alt’ does change the octave entry but I was wondering if there is an additional key for an extra octave.

If not, the transpose option does the job. :slight_smile:

There’s not an additional key, but you should be able to do Ctrl+Alt+up arrow to transpose the selected note up by another octave as soon as it has been entered.

Hello Daniel,

That sounds good to me. :smiley:

Thank you.