Entering notes in Key Editor in Cubase 9. Is it me??


This is going to sound really stupid but, since Version 9, I cannot enter notes in the Key Editor
using a midi keyboard. What am I missing? I have clicked on everything clickable

The “live” recording method works just fine.

Am I loosing the plot?


MacPro 3ghz-* core
Mac Os Sierra
Komplete Kontrol S61

You mean, Step entry?..
Step Input.jpg
If so, it is possible that, simply, the blue step-input cursor line isn’t at the correct position (it is completely independent of the “regular” Play cursor). Use your computer’s left/right arrow keys to scroll the Step Input Cursor.
If that wasn’t it, I’m afraid i’m out of ideas :wink:.

Well, I feel really stupid now. The Pyramid style icon was not showing up. But right clicking I selected “step/midi events” and now, everything is swell.

Vic, thank you so much for the info and the screenshot