Entering notes issues

Entering Notes

Hi, i would like to write the schéma A in Dorico with 3 notes in 4/4 (not in 3/4) without the silence notes at the end of the bar . But when i would to write in 4/4 i can’t delete the silence at the end of the barH
How can i make 3 notes in 4/4 without the silence like in the schéma A, thanks ?

If you’re using the right panel to enter the time signature, use the Pickup Bar section at the bottom. If you’re using the popover, type Shift-M 4/4,3 Enter. the “,3” means add 3 beats as a pickup.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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Shift-M 4/4,3 work fine for the up bar but there is a new issue i can’t delete the first silence in the down bar (the bar for the bass),how can i just have the rest pause like before (schéma B) ?

Put the caret on the bottom staff and type Shift-B rest Enter. Or put the caret on the bottom staff, go to the Bars and Barlines section of the Write panel and use the Insert Bar Rest button.

What Dorico’s doing is best practice, though, I think…

Thanks, if i can give you return in term of workflow for a new user in Dorico is this make more possibilities with the right-click button when we select something.
For example here, if i select the first pause, if i want to delete and i can’t it’s very annoying.
For example , if i i could make right click with the mouse and select what i want to do (delete, duplicate etc…) its will be more workflow thats memorize shortcut for popover and a code.
I hope my advice will be helpful for your next update. If it’s will be possible to make more options with the right click with the mouse . Thanks