Entering off-beat notes

Elements 3.5

I want to enter a crotchet starting on the fourth quaver of a 4/4 bar. Dorico is displaying it as two tied quavers. How to stop that?


(Dorico Elements 4 includes Notation Options, so provided you have 4 rather than 3.5 or earlier, you can customize these options for note grouping as well as beam grouping.)

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I’ve revoked my previous post as I misread the original post and so my reply wasn’t quite relevant. For a crotchet that starts on the fourth quaver of a 4/4 bar I’m pretty sure there’s no combination of Notation Options that will do this automatically.

The only way is to Force Duration by hitting O before typing the note, or if the note already exists, select it, hit O to turn on Force Duration, 5 to shorten it to a legal single note value (a quaver), then 6 to lengthen it to a crotchet.
(Alternatively you could input the time signature Shift-M [4]/4 Enter, but that will give you grief with dotted rests etc.)

I think the only situation in which Dorico will do this automatically is this one, in which the crotchet that crosses the half bar is within a syncopated passage. If that’s the situation here, keep typing crotchets and as soon as you’ve added the next crotchet the syncopation rule will kick in like so:

Apr-14-2022 15-23-24

Great! That all works fine - many thanks!