Entering p dim in dynamics popover for single voice

If I follow the procedure for entering ‘p>’ using the dynamics popover for a single voice, the hairpin does not appear, yet it works fine for the normal case of affecting the whole staff. Why? This appears to be consistent in my project.

Dorico 5.0.20. WIndows 11 Insider Preview.

Just to be sure, this is putting the ? at the end?

I don’t understand. I see p, and nothing else/ Where does ‘?’ come in?

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The hairpin won’t appear until you’ve given it duration, ie by advancing the popover using Space at least once.

See steps 6 and 7:

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Or by advancing the caret using the arrow keys and typing ? where you want the hairpin to terminate.

Using this method, the hairpin will not show at all until you type ?

Ah thanks all! I should have known that - it’s here on the forum often enough. Guilty as charged with not doing a search first.

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I admit I didn’t know that either! But it might not work on my French keyboard layout. I have to try it!

Sorry Andro, my post:

wasn’t very well worded!