Entering piano part, 2 voices left hand

Good evening, all,
Working at learning Doric with Elements 3.5.
I had a terrible experience some months ago with the Schirmer edition of Friedrich Kuhlau’s ‘Sonatinas’. The engraving is from the 1890’s and there was obviously great concern about the cost of paper as the editors squeezed 8 or 9 bars into each stave. This is the Rondo movement, op 20# 1, starting at bar 53.

As I was working on my own edition with Dorico I ran into the need to write two voices in the left hand -shown here in a re-engraved edition worked by some kind individual. Focusing on the 1/2 note, 1/8th note figures in the left hand, I was attempting to assign voices. I felt confident I could do that having read as much of the help file as I could find, and watched several videos as well.

Alas, as the closeup view (Dorico 2) shows, my voice insertion (stems up) is up to 8 voices. I am stopping work, as each time I pause to assign voices, when I re-engage with insertion Dorico adds an additional number of voices. I started with 2 stems up voices.

Question, how do I stop Dorico from adding more voices?
I attempted to reset the voice counter by deleting what I had edited but to no avail.
2nd Question, how do I get the beaming to appear as in the optimal engraving?
I’m wondering if part of my problem here is that I’ve typed in the 1/2 note figures for several bars and gone back to add the 1/8th note figures.

Also, despite valiantly trying to assign each 1/2 note in the left hand to the same voice, I have 4 voices in the left hand, -
2 stems down, red and blue,
2 stems up, orange and red.
Snarled up mess. This project is on hold until I can get Dorico to stop adding voices each time I push Shift+V. :unamused:
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Holt, Michigan

Use just plain ‘V’ to switch between already existing voices. Shift-V will always add a new voice.

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And this page in the manual explains using voices:

Thanks for that Craig.

How do I dispense with all of the voices I now have? 10 separate voices when I only need 4.
Also, any solution to the beaming, any possibility I can achieve the beaming in the optimal version? And how do I find out what color corresponds to what voice?
Yet another issue, still working to get Dorico to consistently assign the same stem (down) and voice (red, whichever voice that is) to the half notes.
About ten minutes later, Dorico is arbitrarily picking which voice to assign to the 8th note figures (it has so many to choose from), so I’ll work at getting that resolved.

Thanks Romanos, ran out of patience in scanning through the many search results for ‘voices’.
Any chance I can eradicate some of the many voices I’ve conjured up? I have 10 and only need 4.
Also, is there an optimal beaming solution? I would really like the 1/2 note beam contiguous with the 8th notes; again, I’m frazzled after trying several beaming solutions.
Thanks again.

Yes; select any notes you desire and right click, go to voices, and then you can assign them to specific voices.

If you cull all superfluous voices, when you close and reopen the file, the extra voices should be gone. Dorico won’t keep voices that have no content.

(And fwiw, the link I shared was the first result when I did my search.)

Create the notes as shown below.

Select the half note. Go to Engrave mode and set the Voice Column index to 0.


Thanks again. Greatly appreciate the help.

I just remembered, there is an setting in Notation Options to align the noteheads globally.


The Notation Options dialog isn’t included in Dorico Elements 3.5, but it is included in Dorico Elements 4, so if you choose to update to the latest version, you would gain access to the options shown by Craig in his most recent reply.