Entering rests in bass clef

I’m able to enter a melody in the treble clef but when I try to start the bass clef with a quarter rest, it doesn’t allow me to do it. I am a new user, but it shouldn’t be this hard. I have a 7th generation iPad on ios 16.7.1.

Most rests in Dorico do not have to be entered manually. Just move the caret (insert cursor) to the rhythmic hash mark where your first (next) note should go and enter the note. Dorico should insert the rests on its own.

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Or you can use Force Duration when entering rests if you need to for any reason. Have a read about that in the manual.

Derrek, many thanks, but I did have to double click under the hash mark to move it there (couldn’t drag it… a learning moment) :sunglasses:

That’s why I said “move” the caret. I find it easiest to use the arrow keys unless I click/double-click directly on the desired location.

Yes, but I’m just using the iPad which I prefer, without a separate keyboard.

You can move the caret using the buttons on the secondary toolbar, at the top of the music area.

Thanks, that helps a bunch!