Entering text in a channel notepad in maximized arrangement view causes the mouse pointer to permanently disappear

Cubase 9.0.40 Bug - Entering text into an channel notepad in arrangement view when the arrangement/project window is maximized causes the mouse pointer to permanently disappear


  1. Maximize Arrangement/Project Window
  2. Find a channel in the project window
  3. Click on Notepad for that channel
  4. Click inside the Notepad
  5. Enter some text
  6. Try to move mouse curor off the notepad
  7. Mouse cursor disappears

Only way to make mouse come back on the screen is to hit Alt+Tab and select the project window again or click on the Cubase icon in the task bar and click on the project window otherwise, you have no mouse cursor anymore.

Main Cubase notepad does not have this issue, only channel notepad.

I have not tested this in Cubase 9.5 if someone can try? But it exists in 9.0.40 and earlier versions of Cubase 9.
I am a heavy Cubase user, I found another bug also, I will also post in another topic.

ESC key

Thanks for the tip. ESC key works, I will do this for the mean time.

but… we didn’t have to press the ESC key in previous versions of Cubase, why should we have to press the escape key now? Any why, when the arrange window is not maximized, you don’t have to press the ESC key? This seems like a bug to me.

Related bug: Also the channel notepad scroll bar disappears upon clicking out or escaping out of the notepad so you can’t view scrolled text after exiting. This is also a new problem and a new bug. I have written another bug report for this: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=138551&p=745595#p745595