Entering Tuplet issue


I’m trying to enter a triplet of 16th after the eight notes B, but when I press the tuplet 3:2 button, it creates two sets of triplets as you can see. My next note is an eight note.

there is no way to delete the triplets after the bar line without deleting the previous one, they both deleted.

I know I can enter 3/16 note and then convert into triplets but I would rather to do this as I’m writing the music.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s because you’ve set your rhythm to eighth note before pressing the triplet button. Either choose 16th note before invoking the tuplet popover, or write 3:2x in the tuplet popover (x stands for 16th note)


This may be it, but it happened to me that a 6:1 would not write correctly until I quit and relaunched Dorico.
The symptoms were similar: the tuplet would overflow in the next bar.

When you see it in the next bar like that, and they select and delete as one, that’s because it is actually one tuplet that overflows the bar. In the OP’s example, it looks like two 16th-note triplets, but it is actually one eighth-note triplet, and Dorico knows how to split it over the barline.

I don’t know what you mean by “6:1” but quitting and relaunching Dorico will not affect tuplet entry.


I once needed to insert a 6:1 32nd for a cadenza-like passage that affected only one staff (the other staves needed to show the base rhythm). To make things worse, this 6:1 was nested inside of a 3:2 eighths.
On one computer it reproduced 100% of the times, on another computer it didn’t —repeated exactly the same passages in the same project!!
Restarting Dorico made the issue go away also on the first computer so this

was not valid for me.

Thank you! I tried it again on different measure and it worked! Not sure, what was my setting, but I recall i tried both 1/8 and 1/16!