Entering values on floating Transport Panel does not work.


  1. Enable floating Transport Panel by hitting F2
  2. Hit a key command to enter in a value on the transport (i.e. Shift+P to enter start point, Shift+T to enter new tempo, etc.).
  3. You will see that nothing happens.

This is intermittent at times but almost always is an issue for me. If you have the LOWER transport bar visible, you can see the commands work there but you can’t see them in the floating transport. If you have the lower transport hidden then it doesn’t work it all to enter in any values.

This is on Mac (see my signature).

Please please fix this ASAP, as it’s gigantic in my workflow and I don’t use the lower Transport bar because it takes up space I don’t need taken up. Thanks!

Yes this is a big one. Thanks for bringing it up and let’s hope Steve doesn’t move it to miscellaneous again.

Confirmed on OS X 10.11.6

This happens here on W7 Pro x64 as well. CP9.01 here.

To add to the description of the problem, this seems to be the problem when the project window is in the focus. Click on the mix console window, click on the F2 floater, or have an editor window in focus, and the command would work. As soon as you click on the project window and focus shifts there, the command will not work.

Since this problem happens only with the project window in focus, I am guessing this is a problem with how they implemented the new integrated transport at the bottom of the project window. I have the bottom integrated transport bar hidden.

This is a real show stopper for me as well. I really hope they will issue a fix for this quickly.

Yes same here. Even Keyboard Maestro wasn’t able to do a useful workaround for me. A basic, basic navigational thing like this should not have been overlooked.