entire history of rock and roll in 100 riffs

This guy tickled me, thought you may enjoy too. :smiley:


haha! Was that face at the end a “triaphant relief” smile?
Some “Totally humbucker” riffs sounds a little funny played on a strat.
BTW “Picture of matchstick men” is not originally Camper Van Beethoven but Status Quo, if that matters.
But when all is said and done, it’s quite a little party trick he’s got there!!! :sunglasses:

Good one, thanks for pointing us to it! Really shows how important the guitar riff is to rock and roll since the 1950’s.

Awesome! Thanks for posting.

Great stuff, thanks! Never heard anyone try to play Helter Skelter before!

Guthrie Govan. :wink:

A big +1, and that goes for any instrument.

I counted 3 Claptons. No more than 2 by anybody else. Guess that’s why we used to call him god.

I counted only one Hendrix. Oversight, I guess.


Rock Guitar-Amazing

Human Being-Priceless


Anything done as desired in one take is da bomb!

Thanks John, and nice to hear from you! :sunglasses:

Cool video, I’m not that well educated in that genre but I knew quite a number of the songs and he plays them well.