Entire Player Audio "Disappearing" when Exporting Audio

Hi all, pretty new user here (using Dorico since July) and running version I’m having a pretty weird issue and after searching the forums I haven’t found a similar problem being discussed.

When I export audio from the attached project (an opera score) I’m getting the full duration of the audio and all of the vocal tracks but not the piano reduction (“Rehearsal Accompaniment”). In playback I’m hearing everything just fine, and it looks fine in the Play tab (image 1), but after exporting as either .mp3 or .wav the audio of that track visually disappears from the Play tab and does not render in the exported audio file (image 2). As soon as I hit spacebar or the play button, the audio returns and looks just fine. The visual score is unchanged.

The client is asking for the full audio (understandably) and I’d love to know if there’s a fix for this. Thanks!

Briscula.zip (1.85 MB)

Welcome to the forum, Samuel. Please note that I haven’t opened your project, so I’m making an assumption about how you’ve set things up, but I believe you should find that if you move the full score that contains the piano reduction to the top of the list in the Layouts panel in Setup mode, that will be the one that gets exported, so it will include the piano reduction.

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Hi Daniel,

Hit the nail on the head! That makes total sense, as my Conductor’s Score (with the chamber orchestra and NOT the rehearsal accompaniment) was on top and the Vocal Score was second in the list. Thanks for your help, and sorry if the question had been asked before!

As an aside: having worked as an engraver of opera for almost a decade and working in a music notation software and Adobe InDesign simultaneously to add things like stage directions, engraving in Dorico is a dream. Simple things like creation of blank pages, word-wrapping text boxes, etc. make the process much smoother. Won’t be going back!

Thanks, Samuel. I’m really glad you’re enjoying using Dorico!