Entire Track's MIDI in MIDI Editor - how?

Is there a way to get an entire track to show up in the MIDI Editor, and the Score Editor? You double click on a clip, and only that clip shows up. Sonar and Studio One show the entire track by default. I feel dumb asking this question, but then I thought, well, it’s even more dumb to sit there wondering how. Thanks! :blush:

Glue Tool

Select all parts on the track before double-clicking.

Doing this isn’t restricted to parts on the same track either. If you select parts that are on different tracks they will both open-up. If you set the note colors to “tracks” instead of the default “velocity” the notes will be the same color as the track they are on. So if you color the tracks differently it is easy to see which notes belong to which track. This makes it easy to do stuff like edit a keyboard part and bass line at the same time. You can switch the part that is actively being edited by either selecting a note in that part or by using the drop-down menu. The drop-down is especially useful when you have the same note in both parts where the note in the inactive part is hidden behind the one in the active part. Sometime I’ll transpose one of the parts up or down an octave to make editing easier if lots of notes overlap. Then when I’m done editing transpose it back.

Awesome guys. Thanks! I’ve had this happen before at random. I just set Shift-A to select all on a track, so I can select all of the clips on a track, then double-click and it’s all there. Thanks again!