Envelope: Apply not working via keyboard command

Hey there,

I’ve noticed the following strange behavior when using Wavelab 8.02 (64 bit) under OSX 10.8.4:

When working in the audio files windows and using any of the “Process” tools, for example “Gain” or “Loudness Normalizer”, hitting return on the keyboard applies that effect.
That’s not the case with “Envelope”. When I hit return on the keyboard here, instead of applying the envelope on the selection, it just closes the window. To use “Envelope”, I have to click the “Apply” Button with the mouse.
Can anyone recreate that behavior? It’s a bit annoying, as I am usually working with the ShuttlePro2, using keyboard shortcuts.

Return triggers the “default” button. If Close is the default button, then Closing will happen.
However, when I test here, Apply is the default button for the Envelope tool, else Apply is executed.
Do you see a reason why Apply would not be the default button in your case?

Ok, you’re right, Close is actually the default button when I open the Envelope window.
But I have no idea why. Is there a way to change the default button behavior?
Maybe I did that by accident?

I have no clue why this is different on your system.
But if Close is hilited, you could press Tab to switch immediatly to the Applyu button.

Yes, that’s what I’ve started doing, thanks. Still strange, though…
Wavelab 7 is still installed on my system and I noticed that the “Apply” and “Close” buttons are swapped in comparison to Wavelab 8. But I wouldn’t think that that could somehow influence WL8…
Thank you for the quick answer!