Envelope : Controlling the ADSR release on a past note

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I can control the envelope on a current note before I release it, but I want to control ADSR Release on a note that has had beed released.
Like the pedal of a piano, but not quite. I’d like to control lengths of a group of long notes with a knob once I released keys.

What happens it that individual released notes do their own ADSR.

Anyone knows how?

Do you understand the question?

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What setup? Hardware or software ADSR?
I’d say this is completely up to the instrument you are using.
Some virtual synths may evaluate changes in ADSR Release time even after releasing the note, but my wild guess is that most won’t.
This is different from an analog synth that uses an analog ADSR circuit - That one will surely follow release time changes even after the note has been released already.

I don’t think this is possible via Halion.

Yes… Unfortunately, after trying many things,I think it is impossible with Halion.