Envelope curve in selected areas

Possibly requested before but here goes:

It would have been really really nice to be able to make an envelope curve inside a selected area. Bezier or point-to-point, from left to right.
And this curve would then govern the amount of gain changes or VST3 plug changes or whatever as percentage of the values set in the regular processing boxes.

That way you would be able to apply precise volume swelling or gradual on-/offset of reverb or reverb reduction or an accentuated de-essing in the middle of a selection etc. etc.

N’est-ce pas?

The selection system itself has fade in-out capabilities (see the parameter Time Fade in the Rectangular Selection tool or Time Range Selection tool for instance), but indeed I had a couple requests to make theses fading transitions more easy to control. It’s likely SL11 will see further improvements in that area.


Thank you, yes, the ins and outs of the selections can be more or less dimmed and indeed it’s possible to use that in different combinations with multiple selected areas but it’s way heavy handed.