Envelope - Direct Offline Processing - Make waveform display larger?

Is there any way to increase the size of the waveform display when applying a volume envelope in direct offline processing. It can be really tedious editing breakpoints at times as the waveform is relatively tiny, and there’s so much wasted space in the display panel. it appears the panel is not scalable.


Maybe you are using the wrong tool for the task?
The sample editor is more useful in this case, I think.

How do you do offline volume envelope editing in the Sample Editor? I don’t see it.

I’d say this applies to anything in the Direct Offline process window that involves a waveform display - it’s just doesn’t scale to the actual size of the panel.

Hi @Atardecer,
Do you mean volume envelope tool like this one available in Pro Tools:

If yes, then you can’t do it in a proper way in Cubase. The team must integrate the Event Volume Envelope at 0dB to be in the middle of the Event in order to be correctly editable.
I hope to see it available in Cubase 12.5

Thurisaz :slight_smile:

I mean like this: Audio/Processes/Envelope

Here’s a screenshot: Dropbox - SS1.jpg - Simplify your life

Whether its a long or short file the waveform display is tiny, which makes any precise adjustments utterly impossible. It’s scales the same whether its 5 seconds or 15 minutes long. All that wasted screen real estate in the panel.

As @st10ss said above, I think you’re using the wrong tool.
There is no real benefit of using Direct Offline Processing these days and I think its days are numbered.
Have you tried using Event Envelopes?

I don’t think so… but there are better tools available for some tasks, but not for all.
But the old envelope process is… old.

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I agree that for simple processes like envelopes, gain and such simple things, DOP isn’t necessary, but for other things it is absolutely useful, e.g. reversing the audio isn’t possible without DOP, there are more timestretching and pitchshifting algorithms available, and the ability to apply VST plugins to individual audio events is nice and sometimes easier than using inserts with automation.

The current implementation though is somewhat cumbersome… same as the event envelopes, in dire need of an overhaul…

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