Envelope generator/Auto Wah


Is anynoe aware of a Envelope generator/Auto Wah plugin for Cubase 6.
I’m trying to find on to use on a Clav VSTi but don’t seem to find one available.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Ben :question:

You’ve got one already, the Tonic plug-in that comes with Cubase. If you want another one, try Classic Auto-Filter from Kjaerhus Audio.


Hey TwinOak,

Thanks so much for the input.

Unfortunately I forgot to mention I’m running Mac OS X 10.6.7 and for some strange reason TONIC just won’t load.
I’ve tried re-installing the program but with the same result … no TONIC.

I don’t know if you’ve any ideas, but any you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,


No ideas, but a search over at KVR Audio gives one decent (free) result. The LFX 1310 is said to contain an auto wah. It’s old but it might work.


Hey TwinOak,

Thanks so much for your input … much appreciated.


Aloha X

Using C6 there is a ‘WahWah’ plug (with automation) in the
‘Filter’ section of the Steinberg plugs.

I have tried it and did not much care for it
but YMMV.

Give it a try.

there is a Wah pedal (not sure if it can be automated) in the VST Amp Rack.
Should be fairly clean if you choose the ‘No Amp’ No Cabinet’ option.