Envelope Midi Module Parameters can't be set by name

This is actually a very old bug, but I keep forgetting to post about it.

The Mono Envelope midi module parameters that come after the ‘Bypass’ parameter can only be set by ID.

If you put an envelope module after you script module and run this script, you get an error after the 3rd parameter prints.

midiModule = this.parent:findMidiModules(true, 'Mono Envelope')[1]

print(midiModule.name, '\n')
paramdefs = midiModule.parameterDefinitions

for _, paramDef in ipairs(paramdefs) do
	local def = midiModule:getParameterDefinition(paramDef.name)

Also : The code below has no effect.

module = this.parent:getMidiModule('Mono Envelope')

module:setParameter('VelocityToLevel', 1)

This code does the trick though

module = this.parent:getMidiModule('Mono Envelope')

module:setParameter(65566, 1)