Envelope Shaper Cracking


I have got this kind of trouble. When I run Envelope Shaper and trying to shut attack down, very loud cracking appiers. It sounds like some little transient went trought. How it can be possible? Any tips to fix this? Thank you



Maybe your settings are wrong or to extreme for the material?
Without the context it is hard to provide a solution.

Hi, I added sound sample.

It is Envelope Shaper on bass. Just turning ATTACK down, no other changes. I need to know where is trouble before I will start finding another transient shaper…

Thanks a lot

Bass has no real transients… shorten the attack to much can produce clicks
can you provide a screen shot?

Event in this little shaping it clicks…It happens with other instruments too. But mostly with bass instruments…

maybe the very low frequencies are bad for this kind of processing…
I can reproduce the clicks, but I need much more attenuation on the attack to get them
If I put a low cut (30Hz 24dB, Fabfilter Pro-Q3) before the ES I can reduce the clicks…

What are you trying to do with the envelope shaper?

On bass material, it is probable that the enveloppe shaper creates “illegal” waveforms.
Which can/will create clicks and/or DC offset. DC offset which can also create clicks.


Thank you Fredo…

I am trying to kill early reflections of some chosen instrument…Thats the goal…Thanks for help

aha… interesting

which Nuendo version do you use? Did you tried Spectralayers? I would give it a try…
I guess it’s more work but could be worth…