Envelope Smoothing

trying to find out if this is an error or if I’m missing something. In the Manual in the Clip Envelope section it discusses Envelope Smoothing. It says the option is under the Envelope Tab. In my Wavelab it is not in the Envelope Tab. There is however an option for Smoothing in the Fade Tab, and that does enable smoothing on a fade. Looking for some clarity here, thanks

Which version of WaveLab are you using? In WaveLab 11, the Smoothing button is here:

thanks Justin, yes that works, didnt see that button before. Still as I posted, the online manual says the smoothing option for envelopes is in the Envelope Tab. Which is misleading. But you have the sufficient solution, thanks for the clarity… Oh and I have the latest ver of Wavelab as well.

The manual could be wrong because I believe this changed for WaveLab 11. In WaveLab 10 and earlier, I believe it was in the Envelope Tab.

Actually, this setting can be independent for the fade-in part, the fade-out part, and the envelope body part. In the Fade Ribbon Tab, you can find the option too (it would be nice to add the option again, in the Envelope Ribbon part).