Epic Hybrid Cinematic or smtg like that

Here’s my second track in this genre. I’m a total virgin on this field :wink:
Jumping from Electronic Dance Music into Cinematic is a huge step for me so I’m still afraid to show it to wider public.

Made On Elements 7 with small collection of sample libraries and Omnisphere.
Only few plugins (TDR/VOS Free stuff mostly) without mastering process.

Looking for critic because all my friends are into different genres.


I like it! Sounds really nice.
You can tell you have an EDM background because the entire song is based on the same 4-chord scheme. If you could step away from that I think you’ll write some excellent cinematic pieces because everything else is great in my opinion.
I’m missing a bit of bass in the mix. The percussion is fine and has enough bass but you don’t really have really low parts in there from the strings or bass-player.

For my taste the guitar solo is a bit too squelching, a warmer sound would fit better with the rest of the song I think.

Lovely piece of music.
There’s something in the opening section that says either roll the top end off, or if it’s intentional white noise, bring it to the fore a bit.
Around the 2:30 to 2:45 I’d add more bass (cellos or similar)
The perc is fine, but I would’ve gone for taiko with attitude if available.
I agree to some extent with Stropjoid re the guitar, but I would have tripled it. Have the main giuitar centre pan and copies slightly to the left and right of it to add more body (but further back in the mix)
A clever, evolving track - liked it.