Epic Spaghetti Western Music - Tequila and Dynamite

Happy New Year, everyone
Here is a short piece I did to to get some work in a different genre. Step outside my comfort zone so to speak. I did this a while ago but recently gave it a new mix and figured I’d share it here. Let me know what you think.


You’ve captured the genre very well, at 0.46 something comes in quite suddenly that sounds like barking dogs, I think that needs taming somewhat but otherwise this could easily go on the opening credits of a 70’s spag western.

well done I reckon…Kevin

Its nice to hear.Good work.

great ,i like it ,what did you use for the “twangy” guitar part ,to me it actual sounds like a bass guitar ,i know they used to use baritone guitars now and again for these sorts of riffs ,it sounds really good though ,mean and dirty . the trumpets and music sounded very authentic also, nice one, well done.

Nice! You need some gun shots in there somewhere!