Eporting at wrong tempo

Pleeeease help, when I export audio mixdown @41k in a 48k project the tempo is faster. Everything that I do eventually has to be @ 41k to burn to CD . Please help resolve this.
thanks :cry:

Of course any file will only playback with correct speed, when played back at the same samplerate as the file itself.

You need to convert it first.

Rather not, if he needs it in 44,1 kHz for a CD audio…

That sounds reasonable, but I have been using Cubase for 14 years and have never had to convert before mixdown before. but if this is the way C6.5 does it, I will, but what about getting the audio files to play in time with midi after conversion? Will Cubase do that for me if the audio tracks are set to time based? All of a sudden things that I have been doing for years don’t work anymore. Please help :cry:

Check the Export settings. Nothing should have changed. Post a screenshot of the dialog box.

That´s the way all Cubase versions and other sequencers do it. If you haven´t had to do that before, you had matching samplerates, or you had Cubase set to do it automatically.
Instead of exporting to 44,1 Khz and then converting back to 48 kHz, you´d better export to 48 kHz in the first place…

If the audio played in sync with the MIDI before, it will play in sync with the MIDI after conversion also. Most (if not all) of those things still work the same as they did in earlier versions…

If the solution is to convert the project to 41.1k before mixdown export, why would someone ever do any recording in anything but 41.1k? This doesn’t make sense. Why does Cubase allow recording in 48, 96, and 192k Is it for people that never plan to burn their music to CD? Somebody please hip me.

48 is usually an end format for video, and the higher sample rates are for, well, higher quality audio - though 192 is IMO better for marketing only. Most important during recording is to use 24 bit audio, with any sample rate…

If your end product is a CD, 44.1 kHz is what you need to use for export. But there’s no reason to import back into the same Cubase project. If you want to do separate mastering, export in your source audio sample rate and work on it further and then go to 44.1.