EQ automation data not transferring from C6 to C7


I just noticed that I have automation lanes with empty name fields in my projects that have been started in C6.0.7 and soon I found out that they belong to EQ automation.

Is there any way how to fix this? I use that quite a lot and at this point it means not being able to use C7.0.3 on projects that were under progress when the update occured, plus big problem towards any future “Now I need to dig into this 2 years old thing and change a little detail” situations.

Otherwise I am quite happy with C7, so this is really a bugger, once it basically stops me from using it on many projects.

So just to sum this up - automation data of the mixer EQ contained in C6.0.7 sessions gets not linked to the proper parameters once opening the session in C7.0.3. This is happening on my Win7 machine using 64bit versions of both instances of Cubase.

I understand there has been a major change considering the channel strip, but this is still quite annoying. Is there at least any way how to “route” the empty lanes to a new destination - proper parameter?



Has really nobody encountered this? I can hardly see a way how it can be specific to my projects, once the EQ behaviour has changed quite much.

Yes, I have encountered this as well. My work around is to keep Cubase 6.5 around and not do any eq automation with the native eqs on Cubase 7 until they fix it.

This is a HUGEEEE problem. I do massive automation on my projects… they need to fix this immediately, i think that is unnacceptable for a release to have an issue of this nature after 3 updates. Ive been a paying user since SX3, Cubase 7 has massive potential but there are big problems when loading sessions from older versions. The new mixer also acts funny when loading a project file from a previous version of cubase. It has sizing issues and you cannot see the input/outputs up top… cmon steinberg r u serious?