EQ Automation

Hi. I’m pretty new to using EQ. I have a track with competing electric guitar power chords and piano arpeggio. I’ve found an EQ setting for my piano which boosts it through the guitar which works OK for me. The only problem is that I don’t want to use this amount of EQ in parts of the song which don’t have the guitar.

Rather than just “EQ on” or “EQ off” is there a setting which I can vary on the channel/track to vary the amount of EQ as a whole? I guess what I am looking for is a dry/wet EQ control that I can vary with time. Is there such a control or do I have to using routing/sends etc? I am not really familiar with sends/busses either but I would like to look in the right place.


No, there is no Dry/Wet controller for the EQ. But you can add a FX Channel, and send the signal to the FX. Then use the EQ in the FX Channel, and then you can set the Dry/Wet ratio by settings the Send level.