EQ colors on mixer - activate/deactivate can't visually see the difference

I upgrade from Cubase 9.5 to 11 and something I don’t like is how the activated EQ on the mixer looks nearly the same as the deactivated EQ. I can’t seem to find a color option to change this.

In C9.5 when EQ was deactivated, it was super grayed out. In C11, the gray is not as obvious, so when I scroll through the mixer to get a quick glance at the EQ on various channels, it’s difficult to see which are active or not. See my attachment - the eq on the far right is inactive, compared to the rest that are active.

Is there a color option I am missing to remedy this?

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You are right, it’s not visible at this curve, the EQ is bypassed. It was OK in Cubase 10.0.x. It becomes broken since Cubase 10.5, when the colour-scheme changed. You cannot adjust this.

Reported to Steinberg.

That’s crazy it’s been like that since 10.5.

I searched the forums and found like 1 other thread about it. I guess nobody uses the EQ on the mixer?


Or everyone is using it and no one needs to bypass it, because it’s so great! :smiley:

Lol :grinning:

Maybe not many people use it. I know I don’t. Still interesting to know

Ha.! Hardly touch the mixer for anything at all myself… mostly in the Channel Settings window. It covers doing all the stuff I need doing… Mixer is open on second screen, mainly for level/metering overview, Control Room duties and Master bus output functions.

But, good catch on the colours/bypass thing.

:rofl: I use it, and no, I don’t bypass it too often! Nevertheless, it would be nice if this was fixed. Fingers crossed.

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I messaged Steinberg and they recommended me post to the forums; the lounge and developer. What’s the best way to get this issue to a dev who can fix it on an update? It’s so crazy to me that such a simple issue has gone unnoticed


I reported it to Steinberg already. Now it’s up to the manager to decide, when the developers will fix it.

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