EQ / controller doesn't work with mixer

I have a CMC EQ. When I have the project window open and click edit on any of the tracks, the CMC responds with all EQ settings for that track and controls the four bands as expected.

When I press F3 to go to Mixer 1 and click edit on any track there, the CMC remains dark and doesn’t interact with the EQ. Close the miser and return to the project window and it works properly again.

Is there some kind of configuration that I need to tweak so that the controller interacts in both the project window and the mixer?

Is it in QC mode?

I’m not familiar with QC mode. Could you explain?

Hmm. Read your first post again. I readed CC not CMC. What is a CMC EQ?

I suspect the OP is referring to the CMC-QC which does have EQ controls on it.

I think the CMC series always determine what channel to interact with based on the selection in the Project Window and not the MixConsole. If you’ve set to sync the Project and MixConsole this really doesn’t matter. But if they’re not synced then its an issue. I bet when you try to use it with the focus on the MixConsole you’ll still be changing whatever is selected in the Project Window.

Hey, Rodger.

Yes, you’re correct, that’s the CMC I have. I didn’t realize there was a setting to sync the project and MixConsole, and that’s exactly the sort of thing I was hoping it was. I’ll look it up and set the sync and I suspect that will solve the problem for me.

Thanks, man!

I think Rodger nailed it, but I do appreciate you trying to help. Thanks!