EQ curve view glitch

Please check the attached capture… Is this how the graphic should look like? Looks wrong to me…

I’m on C6.5.1 build 117

No, that’s indeed not what it should look like. Is it always like that or just a one time draw error?

It’s showing that glitch 75% of the time I’d say…
I can use it without any sound problem, so I guess I’ll live with it :wink:

I would guess that you have just found the bug mentioned in the thread below:


It has been reported quite some time ago but has not been fixed yet.


Is it only showing like that with a MIDI track, or also with an audio track? Overhere all fine with audio track. Haven’t checked with MIDI track.

Midi tracks have no channel EQ… :wink:

Well, that happens to be what the other (confirmed bug) thread is about though… :nerd:

Sorry guys, I didn’t know it was a known bug. Anyway, by the time they fix it I can still work with it.
Thanks all.

Oh I see, I had no idea a midi track got all that extra stuff when linked to an instrument in the rack…
We’re not talking about instrument tracks right?

I had no idea either, but I picked up on the MIDI track being created. It doesn’t seem to be an instrument track, but MIDI to instrument rack indeed.