EQ FFT display not on inspector in N13. Bug or feature removal?

In N12 the inspector shows a red Realtime FFT of the signal in the EQ display in the inspector. In N13 there is no realtime display behind the eq unti you click on the EQ to open the larger EQ dialog popup.

During mxing I constantly used that display to be informed about frequency content and it allowed me to move faster by glancing at it when making, for instance decisoins about High passing a channel without having click into anything futher.

Is this an intentional feature removal or an omission in the release. I would like this behaviour restored. Anyone else chime in on that?

Hopefully that’s a feature that can be turned on or off (I never looked at it) because running FFT in realtime takes up CPU cycles. I wouldn’t want it.

Well its been there all through the last few program iterations. Personally I must have used the visuals a lot because I really miss it. Understand about cycles that may be used but as you say ideally an option.