EQ in the lower zone (or the whole channel configuration)

Having the EQ in the lower zone would be a time saver for mixing.

EQ or the whole channel configuration, which would allow you a much faster workflow with less clicks.

Currently I have to click the E button, and then tweak the EQ and so on. The problem is that if I click somewere in the track, the configuration window disappears and I have to search the window in using the Windows+Tab short cut or clicking twice in the E. Each time. It’s annoying and I think the solution is as simple as having the EQ or the whole channel configuration in the lower zone. I never use the lower zone but this will make it (finally) useful for me.

This idea would be great if we could resize the lower section to however big we want it. For an EQ it is a bit overkill IMO. Have you tried the inspector EQ with the key command ‘Toggle EQ Section’?.