EQ in the mixer doubled

Hi forum / Steinberg,

even I worked a bit with Cubase since today, I just noticed something which is confusing me. In the mixer (F3) there are these little boxes which are:

Sends (if not Stereo out)

Here comes the thing. If I expand EQ, straight forward, it shows the EQ and current settings. That is the Channel EQ (which each audio channel owns).
If I now expand the Strip I am having (another) EQ as well. Suprise, it is THE Channel EQ. So…what’s the use of a display of one and the same EQ in the mixer? Besides I am having knobs in the Strip and bars and a curve in the regular EQ box…
Just wondering…


Got the explaination from Gerg already :slight_smile: It helps to move the EQ in the channel strip signal flow. :wink: