Eq, inserts and high pass not working channels

Hi, I’ve imported some stems into a new project. I have new template I have just finished building. Started mixing the drums -there are number of kick tracks routed to an aux (group track). When the highpass filter or eq are engaged they are not effecting the signal. The same can be said for any plug ins inserted- they are not effecting the signal.
The odd thing is all of the above works on the kick group, high pass worksnfine etc. Just the individual tracks routed to it. Never had this before in over a year mixing on Cubase. Would appreciate any assistance as its driving me insane. Pc, running on windows 10.

Take some screenshots of your tracks and settings and routing and post that.


I’ve got to the bottom of it, I noticed the issue was just effecting the drum tracks which had Auto Align 2 activated in ARA2 mode. I deleted the extension and opened up Auto Align 2 as an insert on the tracks (old school way) and the issue has gone.
To be honest I’ve had a few issues using this as an extension so I’ll avoid this until its sorted.