EQ not displaying the true value

While using studio EQ in WLE 8.2 if I place a low cut on the eq and cutting from 40hz down and then render the low cut it has been added to the audio file ,that is not a problem the problem is the WL eq is still displaying that im still getting -36db of bass coming through under the 40 hz but when im checking on the RME digi check the cut is actually in place .
Anyone else having issues with the eq not reading correctly ?


How do you check with FFT/Spectrometer or Spectroscope
and does it help to reset the plugin ?

regards S-EH

Hello, everything seems to be fine here - Elements 8.0.2 Win8
The the Studio Eq built in analyzer shows the cut after rendering, if I got your point.
My best

actually I was talking about the FFT/Spectrometer and not the EQ ,sorry my mistake , they are giving false values