EQ on part of a track

I have a vocal track where the verse needs some EQ for clarity. The refrain however is nice and crisp.
Is there a way on switch an EQ off and on during a song in Cubase 11. My goto EQs are Frequency and StudioEQ.


Direct. Offline. Processes. :100: :heart:

Edit: Ok, let’s not be so cryptic.

You can either do this “traditionally”, by inserting an eq on the track and automating the bypass parameter at just the right spots, or…

You could do this with Direct offline processes. You select the spot that needs the eq with the range tool, then from the DOP panel (press F7), you can insert your eq of choice there, adjust it, and have it affect ONLY the selected range.

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I’ll try it

The way I do this is to copy the track and have one setting for one (or more) section and one track for another.


I opted for automation on the bypass.